Pre Painted Galvanized (PPGI) Steel Sheets

Pre Painted Galvanized (PPGI) Steel Sheets


pre-painted-galvanized-ironPPGI is pre-painted galvanized iron, also known as pre-coated steel. These galvanized sheets possess high corrosion resistance, excellent processing properties and are used for corrugated roofing or as cladding sheets.

We provide a wide range of PPGI Sheets that are manufactured using an excellent quality of raw material. Our range of PPGI Sheets is available in different lengths, diameters and colors to serve diverse applications and is made of premium quality.

Characteristics of PPGI:

  • The-PPGI-sheets-are-in-many-colors-with-a-weather-resistant-finishingThe PPGI sheets contain 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon that are coated on steel.
  • The PPGI sheets are used in rooftops, shades, porticos and verandas.
  • Zinc Aluminum coated on steel make them fire resistant and durable.
  • The thermal properties of these PPGI sheets are unique.
  • The durability of PPGI is kept in mind while designing these modern PPGI roofs. The interior designers might make a curved or a hexagonal design.
  • The PPGI sheets are in many colors with a weather resistant finishing.



PRE-PAINTED-GALVALUME-(PPGL)-STEEL-SHEETSThe product is made of high tensile / strength steel, which after special pre-treatment is coated with Galvalume / Aluminum Zinc alloys having metals like Aluminum (55%) which provides barrier protection to steel and Zinc (43.5%) which has sacrificial properties. After this the product is coated on both the surfaces by primer and paint for superior finish and long life. Various types of paint coating are used to suit varied industrial

This is a unique building material that combines the strength of steel with excellent corrosion protection of zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy coatings. It can be punched, pressed, roll – formed and joined into a countless number of structural and decorative building products


  1. High Strength Base Steel
  2. Special Pre-treatment for longer life and paint coating
  3. Light Weight Coating Galvalume 55% Aluminum Zinc Alloy
  4. Option of Various Colors / Finishes
  5. Highly effective in withstanding extreme weather conditions
  6. High resistance to chemical corrosion

Highly effective in withstanding extreme weather condition