Recycled Waterproof Panels

Recycled Waterproof Panels


Construction plates made of recycled Tetrapak and polyethylene Waterproof ECO panels represent a building material that consists of compressed pieces of recycled Tetra Pak packaging. They meet extremely high standards in terms of dimensional stability, homogeneity and minimum changes in properties, which makes them fit for contemporary construction and a whole range of other applications.


  1. Length mm 2200
  2. Width mm 1150
  3. Thickness mm 10 + -0.5
  4. Humidity 23.1 %
  5. Layering MPa > 0.92
  6. Tensile Strength MPa 19:32
  7. Thickness swelling % 00:47
  8. Modulus of elasticity N / mm2 973
  9. Volume mass kg / m3 826

Main advantages of the eco panels:

  1. Waterproof
  2. 100 % ecologically sound board
  3. High dimensional stability
  4. Excellent workability by using common tools
  5. Simply by fixing the classic outer material
  6. Excellent mechanical and physical properties
  7. Low weight , good price
  8. Excellent thermal insulation properties


POLYURETHANE-FOAM-PANELSOur PUF panels are the ultimate product for interior and exterior wall panels. With unparalleled strength, insulation capacity and safety aspects, our PUF panels are unique and more superior to any other similar product available in the market. Our PUF panels come with PPGL, PPGI, gypsum, calcium silicate and GI sheet top ups.






  1. Minimal construction time
  2. No skilled labor required
  3. Size flexibility
  4. No wastage on relocation
  5. Environment friendly


  1. Low thermal conductivity
  2. Fire resistant
  3. Structural strength
  4. Auto-adhesive
  5. Light weight
  6. Are 5 times stronger than brick.
  7. Provide 35 times more thermal insulation.
  8. Are water resistant.
  9. Are fire resistant.
  10. Are bio-degradable.
  11. Are interlocking panels which are easy to install.
  12. Their unique interlocking feature creates a solid barrier which has a high load bearing capacity.
  13. Strength to weight ratio is exceptionally high.
  14. Decrease labor cost to a large extent.
  15. Are easy to relocate.
  16. Have zero wastage in terms of unknown or unforeseeable expenditure.
  17. Can be filled with different insulating materials as per requirement.
  18. Have pre-coated sheets on either side of the insulation which provide a smooth finish. These pre-coated sheets are also available in different colors.
  19. Are eco-friendly.

The new generation PUF interlocking wall panels with patented ZEZG (zero error zero gap) technology are available in various shapes, colors and sizes for the first time in the country. They are also available in three categories: insulation panels, acoustic panels & sterile panels.


Width 600mm & 1200mm
(window and door panel)
Length 2740mm, 3000mm & 3600mm
Thickness 54mm, 60mm & 75mm
Thermal conductivity 0.0018 w m(-1)k(-1)
Density of filling 45 kg /m3
Water absorption Less than 0.2% by volume
Thermal expansion Less than 5 x 10-5 k – 1
Specific heat capacity As per en – 12524
Thermal stability Very good
Temperature range -300 c to 900 c
Sound insulation More than 20 db
Fire insulation In accordance with EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 13823
Fire classification B.S2D0 as per EN 13833
Fire Resistance As per UL 723. Fire rating is 3 hours
Ozone Depletion Potential 0

This study shows the thickness of different materials that are used to produce an equivalent thermal insulation that is provided by 5cm thick polyurethane foam.

QIIP panels 5 cm
Polystyrene 7.5 cm
Rock wool 9cm
Cork 10cm
Hardboard 13 cm
Wood board 28 cm
Concrete block wall 76 cm
Brick wall 173 cm

The average densities used in the building industry were used for this comparison.

Width 600 mm, 1200 mm For Walls And 1200 mm For Window And Door.
Length 2740 mm And 3000 mm
Thickness 80 mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.018 W/(M.K)
Density Of PUF Filling 45kg/M3
Water Absorption Less Than 0.2% By Volume
Sound Insulation More Than 20 Db
Weight 1.1 Kg/Sft
Ozone Depletion Potential 0



1 CONSTRUCTION TIME 2000 sft can be constructed in a day with 3 people. 50 to 100 sft of unfinished work in a day with 3 people
2 MANPOWER No skilled labor required Both skilled & unskilled labor required
3 THERMAL INSULATION Thermally Insulated with high density rigid polyurethane foam No Insulation
4 SIZE FLEXIBILITY Available in standard as well as custom sizes which are completely factory-made and delivered as finished product to the site Custom sizes have to be prepared on site
5 WEIGHT 1.1 Kg/sft Greater than 25 Kg/sft
6 WATER ABSORPTION Less than 0.2% by volume Greater than 20% by volume
7 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY 0.018 W/(m.K) 0.33 to 1.1 W/(m.K)
8 SOUND INSULATION More than 30 db Not Available
9 FIRE RESISTANCE As per UL 723, Fire rating is 3 hours As per ASTM E119, 4” brick fire rating is 1.25 hours
10 WASTAGE ON RELOCATION Zero percent wastage More than 70% wastage
11 RELOCATE-ABILITY Easily relocatable Cannot be relocated
12 EFFECT ON ENVIRONMENT Environment friendly Not environment friendly
13 CARBON FOOTPRINT Energy efficient with low carbon footprint High carbon footprint


The following can be concluded from the above series of experiments:

Even with 12000C flame burning the Panel for 2 hours, there is no damage to the core of the panel. There is no flashover effect on QIIP WALLS. The PUF core is not affected. However, after 2 hours of constant flaming, the bonding between the GI sheet and PUF core was lost on the side where flaming was done. Direct flame on PUF has shown that it forms a char layer on the surface which is exposed to the flame. This layer prevents the fire from spreading inwards. As the PUF is of high density, there are no air gaps inside the foam. This means that there is very less chimney effect. The foam, even after burning, does not form droplets, which means that, there is no scope of secondary fires.

Although polyurethane is a combustible material, the protective coverings on both sides not only protect the panel from failing but also do not transmit heat to the other side. The aluminum outer frame imparts even more structural stability to the entire panel. The flash point of polyurethane foam is 3100C which means the foam does not ignite spontaneously. From the above observations, it can be said that QIIP WALLS fall under the fire-resistant building material category. QIIP WALLS are green building product and bio degradable.