Leesha Fabritech has already successfully supplied and installed an array of cost effective, sturdy, comfortable and portable shelters in India and abroad. Leesha Fabritech caters to various sheltering requirements in all terrains and conditions.

Our priority is to give our clients a comfortable home even in the hardest conditions. An in-depth knowledge of the business, a skilled and dedicated team and the vision of the gauge the demands of various sectors enabled Leesha Fabritech to deliver the highest quality and a large variety in portable and modular building systems.

Ever since the industrial and commercial revolution in the country, need for economical and quick constructions has become a priority. One of the revolutionary concepts for catering to this industrial demand is Pre engineered Buildings. Leesha Fabritech designs these buildings using sound Principles of engineering. Fabrication and erection is always of highest quality and ut most importance.

At Leesha Fabritech the quest for excellence is a never ending process. Attention to details is evident in all our activities, each member of our organization recognizes that their livelihoods and success is the result of sustained customer satisfaction. We all strive to ensure that quality and value are inherent in all our products and services.

Leesha Fabritech a deliberate and activate role in converting complex and expensive conventional steel building designs into simpler and more economically designed pre engineered buildings without sacrificing the utility and functionality of these buildings. At Hynge pvt ltd design calculation are comprehensive yet easy to understand. Explanation and references precede every part of the calculations to enable its customers to understand every facet of design of Leesha Fabritech pre engineered buildings.